Eunice Sevalla is a Rizal makeup artist who specializes in combining cosmetics and pure talent to turn an individual’s face into a wonderful and awe-inspiring work of art.
As a passionate artist, Eunice believes that there is beauty in everything that God created. Some are visibly evident while others are simply waiting to be unveiled. Needless to say, she keeps the same principle in mind whenever a client sits on her makeup chair.
Using the skills and knowledge she has acquired from working in the industry for almost a decade, Eunice always aims to magnify the beauty that exists and lies hidden in every individual. So, if you want to look extra special on your wedding, debut or any other occasion, then Eunice Sevalla Makeup Artistry is your best choice.
Hire Eunice Sevalla’s Professional Airbrush Makeup and Traditional Makeup Services for:
  • Weddings
  • Debuts
  • Special Occasions
  • Corporate Events / Shoots
  • Print Ads
  • Advertisements
  • Concept Shoots
Comprehensive Professional Makeup Artistry Background
Aside from her degree in Interior Design from the University of Santo Tomas, she also has a comprehensive educational background as well as experience in different areas of makeup artistry. She began studying the art of makeup in 2010, taking Bridal and Fashion Makeup and Hairstyling classes from HD Makeup Studio & Academy.
Dedicated to providing the best services to her clients, in 2014, Eunice decided to take Airbrush Makeup classes from Kryolan Philippines. During the same year, she studied Prosthetic and Special FX makeup application under Hollywood makeup artist David Willis. Willis is also the creative director of Studio Vida, a makeup FX studio based in Sydney, Australia. To further expand her skillset, she decided to study Airbrush Master Class under the same mentor. It goes without saying that you can hire Eunice for any professional airbrush makeup or traditional makeup needs in Manila and surrounding areas.
Eunice Sevalla’s Notable Clients:
  • Corporate Events / Shoots – SGV & Co. Philippines (Ernst & Young), Starmall Corporation, and Phil-Am Life
  • Print Ads – Freego, Freshgear, and Natasha
  • TV Network – Lifestyle Channel and Solar Channel (Chef Next Door Season 2)
  • TV Ad – Stresstabs
  • Prosthetics / SFX Makeup / Set Design Coordinating – Scream Park Manila (worked for almost 2 years under David Willis of Studio Vida)
Reliable and Personalized Approach in Makeup Artistry
When it comes to providing makeup services, Eunice takes a personalized approach by considering the client’s taste, specific skin type and environment. Needless to say, she acknowledges that every makeup situation and client have different needs. This is also the reason why she carefully assesses every client’s skin type along with the environment. For instance, when Eunice worked for a cooking show with a chef who had a heavily oily skin type, she performed an extensive research on the products that would work efficiently on their skin, despite the pots’ steam and the harsh heat coming from the studio lights.It goes without saying that Eunice goes through lengths just to deliver satisfying makeup results.
Whether you need airbrush, traditional, prosthetic, or special fx makeup services, contact Eunice Sevalla Makeup Artistry today at 0999-9943302.
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