"Highly recommended! Will definitely book her again in the future. Love everything about her. Her make up prowess is something but her professionalism and passion is everything. Thank you so much Ms. Eunice!😍"
Rhea Lobarbio Gregorio, February 25 , 2019
"Ms. Eunice and her team is very professional yet fun to work with. They did a great job. No transformation but enhancement. Just natural beauty😄. We really love our looks on the D-day. Received lot of compliments. So.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
Joycee Beren, January 18 , 2019
"Eunice is Fabulous! She is very professional and knowledgeable with cosmetics. She can recommend brands and colors that are right for you. She will take all the time needed to make you look perfect! She excels in professional application skills and also provides tips and tricks to clients. I highly recommend her services �"
Lea Rachelle Florida, July 20, 2018
"10/10 From makeup to Hair do! She’s really nice and able to work with any Theme you may have. Very accomodating!"
Ezra Clarin Abad, November 22, 2018
"Words can not even begin to express my endless thanks for your artistic expertise in makeup artistry 🙂 As usual, you were terrific! You are truly an incredible artist! It amazes me how you can come in and know exactly what a person needs—even though you’ve never seen them before. Plus that make up stays on perfect...even the next day! You are the best make up artist ! ate eunice! lablab."
Ann Cervitillo, July 19, 2018
"I'm clueless about makeup and didn't know what look I wanted for a wedding other than not wanting heavy makeup, so I left it all up to her. She knew exactly what to do! Loved it and so did everyone else. � Plus she's super friendly and cool. �"
Dani Buencamino, July 21, 2018
"Ms Eunice is very professional, approachable and accomodating. She is well prepared and knows her craft very well. She even gave me some advice on wedding preparation. I highly recommend her and her team! 😊"
Vanessa Erlano Perono, July 21, 2018
"It never ceases to amaze me how creative and talented Eunice really is. Ever since our college years, she has already shown her knack for using various media from watercolor to cosmetics. I am glad to have chosen her and Ms. Mau to do our HAMU for my cousin's out of town wedding. It is simple yet sophisticated. I never had to do any retouch at all. She is still as bubbly as ever. Thanks for all the throwback moments! I miss you girl, and I am happy that your dream of having your (mobile) salon/career in cosmetics came true! :-)"
Jesy Rose King, January 18, 2018
"Although I've never met Ms. Eunice before, I had no problem working with her as she was super nice, accommodating and cheery. She considers your suggestions and does her work well and professionally. I definitely loved my fresh graduation look!"
Tazjana Lebrilla, May 2017
"First of all, my mom, my sister and I don't wear make-up on a daily basis. Even when there's occasion, we seldom put on make-up. On Sara's 7th birthday celebration, a friend recommended Ms. Eunice Sevalla's Make-Up Artistry. Before the date, she's very communicative regarding the personal preference we each want for the event. She's very professional to deal with at a very affordable rate. During the make-up session, she's really witty and gets the job done without you even noticing because you enjoy all the chikahan plus we were mesmerized by her cool make-up paraphernalia. She made sure that we're comfortable and at ease with our looks. Some make-up, after 2 or 3 hours, tend to be icky and you start feeling that it's melting, but during the event up until the end, we still look fresh, exactly how we look from the start. For Sara's look (hair and make-up), she's really done a good job with her as well. She enjoyed her party from the dances, to games and other activities during the party without being bothered by her hair. Ms. Eunice suggested to put her hair up so even when she runs, she would still be princessy-like. We would like to really recommend the services of Ms. Eunice to our dear friends and all those readers for a job well done. Thank you and til next time."
Charmaine Besas, October 2015
"A perfect 5 for Eunice! Aside sa magaling... She's very professional and cool! Magaan ka-trabaho Highly recommended! We are very lucky to choose you to be part of our wedding! Thank you for sharing your time and effort with us... Will surely see you soon, Eunice. You will always be on the top of our list!"
Niño Navoa, Groom, December 2016
"I have had my first photoshoot & as it was my first time, I was concerned with almost everything, esp with how will I look as I dont do make up and really dont have an idea how its done. Good thing Ate was to the rescue. Loved everything esp the brows and the hair. Seemed natural and pretty. Shes also fun and easy to work with and her smile is contagious. Thanks for making me look and feel the prettiest. You're so good at what you do. God bless!"
Fritzie Barrantes Corales, February 2017
"Eunice and Mau are so amazing! Hair and makeup was one thing I knew I didn’t want to worry about on my wedding day, and it came out wonderfully! <3 Love you, ladies. :* Thanks for making me look awesomesauce, for making me laugh and for the friendship. <3"
Inna Villafuerte - Restauro, Bride, December 2016
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